Curriculum & Programs

Cynthia Huffman
Cindy Huffman

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Pike Township’s Curriculum and Programs Department strives to support teaching and learning in a variety of ways. The department creates and sustains a strong, vital curriculum for social, emotional, and intellectual student development. The curriculum is aligned to the Indiana Academic Standards that focus on College and Career Readiness. This allows for a cohesive K-12 progression in essential learning concepts. The department oversees the following programs and grants: English Language Learners, High Ability, Title I, Title III, Title IV, Non-English Speaking Program, School Improvement, District and Statewide Assessments, and Kindergarten Entrance. The department is here to serve students, families, teachers, administrators, and community members to ensure that effective practices are used that promote strong educational development for all stakeholders.


Cindy Huffman     Director of Curriculum & Programs     317.387.2216  
Lori O'Malley Administrative Assistant  317.387.2216
Tracy Swinton Instructional Specialist   317.387.2277
Missy Burnside Coordinator of Research & Data  317.387.2569