• Alert:

    Pike Family,

    Out of extreme caution for our staff and students, all MSD of Pike Township schools will start on August 11, 2020, with remote or virtual learning until Labor Day at which time a review of COVID-19 data will be used to determine whether schools can open for in-person instruction. Due to our delayed start, expect adjustments to our previously scheduled Fall and Thanksgiving Break schedules.
    If it becomes necessary to pause in-person learning at any time, we will move to remote learning.

    Click here to see our 2020-2021 Back To School Plan in English

    Click here to see our 2020-2021 Back To School Plan in Spanish

    Questions may be submitted via [email protected]


    In order to complete the 2020-21 Return to School Form, please log in to your Skyward Family Access account. Please note, you will not be able to access the form by logging in via a student account. If you need assistance with login or form completion, please contact your child’s school. The default option for families who do not make a selection by July 24th will be the in-person option.

    To change your selection prior to July 24th:

    Select “Online Form” from the Home Menu on the left

    Click “View”

    Select “Mark as not completed and make changes” at the top of the form

    Click on “Custom Form” on the right side and make desired changes

    After finished, click “Submit 20-2021 Return to School Form” button

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Remote Learning Information

Last Updated: 4/14/2020 11:02 PM

remote learning msd pike

The Governor announced that all K-12 schools in the state of Indiana will remain closed for the remainder of the 2-19-2020 school year. The MSD of Pike Township will continue to serve our students through eLearning and remote learning experiences. 

 Remote Learning - Parent Information


To provide information for student learning opportunities during the COVID-19 Emergency School Closure.


To provide equitable learning opportunities through offline learning resources and online Canvas learning.



Attendance will be reviewed each Tuesday based on participation in remote learning opportunities the week prior.

Information for participation through offline learning will be provided to families who do not have access to Canvas.


Teachers will communicate class/course specific information to students and parents.


Parents can leave messages via email or on the teacher’s school phone.

Parents can access their child’s teacher phone from the district website at www.pike.k12.in.us


If you need assistance contacting a teacher, please call the Pike Family Hotline at 317-387-2222.

Guidance for Remote Learning

Offline Learning Resources


Grade level offline resources are designed based on the same Indiana Academic Standards and school Curriculum Map used through digital access.

Common offline learning resources are set aside for families who do not have digital access.  Information about offline resources will be provided by your child’s teacher in grades K-5 and from the school in grades 6-8. If parents are unable to pick-up the offline learning resources during the designated times, resources will be located at the Red Zone Food Pantry the following day.


Middle School

An online software program, MobyMax, will provide instruction based on course curriculum maps. Canvas, Pike’s digital learning platform, will also be utilized for instructional support for students. Common offline learning resources for middle school students without digital access will be available at the same school sites for elementary students. Middle School students taking high school credited courses will follow the high school expectations for that course.


High School

Coursework and assignments will continue online to ensure credits are earned. If information about online access is needed, parents may call the district hotline at (317) 387-2222 and leave a message.


Time on task

Remote learning is created for a three day week (M-W-F). It is not designed to match the same amount of time as face-to-face learning in a traditional classroom. However, Advanced Placement (AP) Dual Credit (DC), and CTE teachers may need to use T-TH for course requirements. The following will serve as the general guidance:

  • K-2; 2 hours of learning per week focused on reading and math
  • Grades 3-5; 3 hours of learning per week focused on reading and math
  • Grades 6-12; 30 min per course per week
  • Dual Credit/AP, and CTE courses; may vary depending on course

T-TH activities include ideas recommended by the related arts teachers or other resources provided by the classroom teacher. There are also online resources located on the Pike Remote Learning web page; however, these are not required activities for students.


Digital Learning

All online lessons will be posted by 8:00 a.m. each remote learning day.


Assignments through Canvas are due no earlier than the following Monday 11:59 p.m.


*Exceptions for students in Advanced Placement (AP), Dual Credit (DC), and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses, and students with Accommodations.


Individualized Education Plan, Individual Learning Plan, and 504 Services and Accommodations

Services and accommodations will be proportionate to the remote learning schedule, setting and implemented accordingly.

Grading Guidelines


Teachers will monitor student progress on instructional tasks in order to provide support and feedback.


Elementary-Middle School

During the COVID-19 emergency school closing, we are unable to replicate the face-to-face instruction teachers provide on a typical school day. There are several factors that schools cannot control during remote learning; therefore, the purpose of “grading” assignments is to monitor progress and provide feedback.


Students are expected to participate in remote learning. Grades for the 4th quarter will be based on the student’s 3rd quarter grade and participation in remote learning opportunities. It should be noted that participation in remote learning can improve the impact of your final grade.

High School and Middle School Credited Courses

Students taking a credited course are required to participate in remote learning in order to receive a credit. Grades will be determined based on third quarter performance, participation in remote learning, and requirements specific to the course. Please contact the teacher if there are any questions.


Teacher Virtual Office Hours:

  • Office hours are held on instructional days.
  • K-8 teacher office hours are 1:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m.
  • High School office hours are based on course needs, provided to the principal, and posted on Canvas.
  • Questions can be sent via e-mail or Canvas to teachers outside of office hours and will be answered within 24 hours.