Covid-19 School Contact Info

Last Updated: 2/16/2022 6:57 PM


School Nurse

Use the information below to contact the nurse at your student's school to report a case of Covid-19.


Name Phone E-mail School
AriAnna Sheehan, LPN (317) 387-8041                           [email protected] Central Elementary
Lauren Kannapel (317) 374-7407 [email protected] College Park Elementary
Tawanna Hurst, LPN (317) 216-5218 [email protected] Deer Run Elementary
Marty Saupe, RN (317) 216-5308 [email protected] Eagle Creek Elementary
Sandy Barbour, RN (317) 387-5913 [email protected] Eastbrook Elementary
Aundria Ballance, LPN (317) 347-5512 [email protected] Fishback Creek
Allysia James, LPN (317) 216-5111 [email protected] Guion Creek Elementary
Karen Korn, RN (317) 388-7810 [email protected] New Augusta South
Malinda Bemis, RN (317) 388-7810 [email protected] New Augusta South
Akeia Hawkins (317) 295-7203 [email protected] Snacks Crossing Elementary
Stephanie Willige, LPN (317) 388-7905 [email protected] Guion Creek Middle
Maria Howard (317) 216-5071 [email protected] Lincoln Middle
Frances Blackwell, LPN (317) 388-7703 [email protected] New Augusta North
Deborah Weber (317) 291-5250 [email protected] Pike Freshman Center
Melissa Lindsey, RN (317) 387-2611 [email protected] Pike High
Melissa Taylor, RN (317) 387-2612 [email protected] Pike High-LEAD
PPA will use nurses from CES, LMS, PHS and PFC.  (317) 387-8364   Pike Prep
Tamela Daniels, LPN (317) 387-7105 [email protected] Nathaniel Jones Early Learning Center